The circular economy is a sustainable alternative to the current economic system. Switching from the line to the circle means implementing a transition from the current linear economic model to a circular one. The former basically produces, consumes and discards and is therefore destined, as we see every day, to be in contrast with the fight against depletion of natural resources, environmental impacts and the increasingly problematic management of quantities of waste that are growing year by year. The circular model is intended to be a regenerative system, reproducing nature in improving and optimising the means by which it operates. In other words it involves trying to live in the best possible way but in equilibrium with the available resources and without destroying our only home, the planet where we live.
Circular economy therefore is an extraordinary opportunity to bring about the desired revolution by optimising the use of natural resources and waste management, with a view to achieving truly sustainable development.


A bag of bananas!


Biofuels from vegetable waste